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Mar 24, 2013 4:30pm PDT
ways they can do that. they can say federal government has no business by mandating what a marriage is or there are libertarian ways they can argue it. i would be surprised if they didn't find a way to go through this without offending the growing number of people including republicans who think this is a right that people have. chris: kathleen. >> well, i think the court is more concerned about not appearing to be this elected legislative body when it comes to public opinion. there is a good chance that they will be able to, that same-sex marriage proponents will get a win without the court having to make big constitutional adjustments. chris: helene. >> i think in much of the same way that we have seen conservatives like bob portman, dick chaney come around on same-sex issues because they have people who are close to them who are gay. this isn't going to come out in the supreme court decision, but i think the court is moving in that direction as well. i think you're going to see them going -- chris: anthony kennedy is the tiebreaker on this. >> he is. in some cases involving gay r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)